An Emergency Parachute System for Drones, Created by an Automotive Safety Parts Manufacturer


Safer Drones for a Safer World

Protecting People, Protecting Drones

With commercial drones being used in various areas, including logistics, surveying, inspections and rescue operations, concerns have been raised about the risk of inadvertent drops. PARASAFE was developed for deployment in such an event, to protect the drone, as well as the people, buildings, and cars on the ground from harm.

Flying with a Sense of Security

Accidental crashes of commercial drones can result in damage compensations and fines, and the public’s loss of confidence. Having emergency parachutes will reduce such risks and provide security to the flights, allowing use of drones in areas and situations that are currently avoided for safety reasons.

Manufacturing Prowess for a Safer World

Safety systems require the highest level of quality and reliability. PARASAFE is a parachute system created by a Japanese manufacturer that supplies automotive safety parts to many customers around the world. Using our experience as a global safety parts manufacturer and our proprietary technologies refined over the past century, we now offer the same level of safety to the drone industry.


Emergency Parachute System PARASAFE for commercial drones – in development

PS CA12-01

PARASAFE is the first Japanese emergency parachute system for commercial drones. This device uses a small pyrotechnic charge to deploy an emergency parachute if the drone inadvertently plummets while in flight. Nippon Kayaku, the first manufacturer of commercial explosives in Japan, has created PARASAFE through the application of technologies used in the manufacturing of pyrotechnical devices for automotive airbags with the highest safety standards.




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