Q & A




Is it an in-house developed product?

Yes, it was developed in-house.

When did you launch the product?

It went on sale in December 2021. (PSCA12-01)

What kind of equipment is PARASAFE?

PARASAFE is an emergency parachute system for industrial drones. The parachute is ejected to slow the descent speed and reduce the impact when a drone is about to fall due to unforeseen circumstances.

Can I purchase the product for personal use?

We only sell to corporate customers.

Is it possible to purchase a set with a drone?

We only sell safety equipment. We do not sell drones.

Can anyone use the device, even though it contains gunpowder?

The product is exempt from the application of the Explosives Control Law, so anyone can use it. Please check the instruction manual carefully before use.

Can it be used for purposes other than drones?

It depends on the application, so please contact us for more information.

Is it mandatory for drones to be equipped with parachutes?

Although the installation of parachutes on drones is not mandated, we have a track record of obtaining a flight permit from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism after our parachutes were certified as a fail-safe feature.



What is a safety device?

A safety device is a combination of a parachute device and a trigger device. A parachute device contains a parachute and a built-in parachute ejection device. The trigger device activates the parachute ejection device by an electrical signal.

Does the safety device generate any flying debris after use?

Please be assured that PARASAFE is designed to avoid flying debris after use.

What is the weight of the safety device?

In the case of PS-CA12-01, the parachute device and trigger device together weigh approximately 1 kg.

What altitude is required to activate the safety device?

In the case of PS-CA12-01, we have confirmed that the parachute opens within approximately 30m from the fall start. An altitude of at least 30m is recommended. (The Civil Aeronautics Law regulates that the distance between a person or property and a drone should be maintained at 30 meters. We are working to mitigate the impact of a drone fall if the drone is operated accordingly.)

What is the descent speed when the safety device is activated?

In the case of PS-CA12-01, the actual descent speed is about 6 m/s at a gross takeoff weight of 25 kg.

What is the expected impact energy upon landing when the safety devices are activated?

In the case of PS-CA12-01, the estimated impact energy is about 450 J at a gross takeoff weight of 25 kg.

How many seconds from activation to deployment?

It takes about 1.5s from activation to deployment.

Does the safety device work if the drone is tilted?

Experiments have confirmed successful deployment of the parachute even when the drone is tilted. However, the parachute may become entangled, which may reduce the parachute's function. Ideally, the drone should be weighted on the leg side or mounted directly above the drone's center of gravity to prevent the drone from tilting.

Will the drone be damaged in the event of a fall?

Depending on the strength of the fuselage and the way it falls, there is a possibility of damage.

Will the safety devices ever malfunction?

Each environmental test, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, EMI, etc., is conducted following automotive parts standards to ensure no malfunctions.

Is there any risk of fire when deploying a parachute using pyrotechnic?

There is no risk of fire, as the structure is designed to prevent combustion gases and flames from emitting to the outside.

Is the handling of the safety device dangerous?

The trigger device has a fail-safe (safety pin) function. There is no problem if you work according to the color of the LED on the trigger device as described in the instruction manual.

Can it be drifted away by the wind?

Depending on the wind speed, the device may be swept away. Also, the distance to be swept will vary depending on the altitude.

How is power supplied to safety devices?

The customer must provide the power supply. We recommend an independent power supply for the parachute device for fail-safe reasons.

Is it waterproof and dustproof?

The trigger device is rated IP54.

How do I dispose of used safety devices?

After use, please dispose of the device at a designated waste disposal company as described in the instruction manual.

Will the drone be damaged when the safety device is activated?

For drones that meet the required strength as described in the specifications, no drone has ever been damaged by an impact (ejection shock) caused by the activation of the safety device in previous experiments.

Can the activation/deactivation of the safety device be checked before takeoff?

The LED safety pin on the trigger device igniter allows confirmation and control of whether the safety device can be activated.

Can the parachute be repacked?

We are not recommending repacking at this time, it is a one-time use only system. We are examining repacking in the future designs.

How should they be stored?

Store in a place away from high temperature and humidity.

What types of drones can be supported?

PS-CA12-01 is intended for multi-copter drones weighing 25 kg or less. Other types of drones may also be possible, so please consult with us. We can also provide testing services to determine how to mount the product on a drone.



Is there anything else I need to prepare besides the drone for installation?

A string to connect the drone to the parachute device is required. For details, please contact us with as much information as you know about the conditions of use.

What will the center of gravity be when the safety device is mounted?

The position of the parachute device changes the center of gravity. Ideally, the drone should be weighted on the leg side to prevent it from tilting, or the device should be mounted directly above the drone's center of gravity.

How should it be attached to the drone?

Mainly, the following 2 STEPs are required.
1) Fix the parachute device to the drone body with 4 x M4 bolts.
2) Connect the drone to the bridle line attached to the parachute with a string.

How long does it take to install?

If the mounting position, method, etc., have been determined, installation can be done quickly in about 5~10 minutes. However, it is necessary to adjust the center of gravity and mounting position for the first time to confirm that the drone is ready for flight.



How long is the warranty?

The warranty period is set at one year. We would like to increase the accuracy of the warranty period by determining how long the product will operate without problems based on our understanding of how it is used in the market.

What is the scope of warranty?

Parachute ejection time and ejection operation reliability are guaranteed.