Nippon Kayaku’s developed parachute system is adopted for Softbank’s demo-test of drone logistics

Nippon Kayaku’s developed parachute system is adopted by Softbank’s “Demo-test for drone’s distribution to isolated areas that are assumed to be born by cut-off-roads in case of disasters”, which was consigned from Tokyo prefecture.


【Outline of Demo-test】

<Test execution period>

From December 14, 2021 to January 20,2022


Flying each 2 routes within each Akiruno city, Hachioji city and Ome city, which means 6 routes in  all.

<Drone used in this test>

“FMC-01DASB”, Made by Futaba corporation.

<Flight distance>

Approximately 2.2 to 7.0 km per route (A round-trip flight of a one-way distance about 1.1 to

<Load weight> 20kg (10 PET bottles each containing 2L of water)


【Adopted parachute system of ours】

Product type:     PS CA12-01

Applicable weight:  Maximum total flight weight: 25kg(55lbs)

External Dimensions:  Φ130×H154mm

Weight:         930g (Parachute device) / 120g (Trigger device)

Parachute area:    11㎡

Descending speed(Theoretical Value):  6m/s (at use of total weight:25kg)

Parachute opening altitude:  30m〜150m


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