Nippon Kayaku Conducted demonstration of Parachute for drone and airbag at the demonstration program held by cabinet secretariat and hyogo prefecture

From September 1 to 2, 2022, we demonstrated our drone safety device in demonstration program of the “1st Drone Summit” held by “the Cabinet Secretariat’s Office for the promotion of measures on small unmanned aircraft” and hyogo prefecture.


We demonstrated a serial flow of dropping a drone mounted with the emergency parachute system for commercial drone “PARASAFE®︎ CA12-01″(selling now) and with the emergency airbag system for commercial drone(under development) from the height of 30m and making an emergency landing using such parachute system and airbag system.


There was no damage in drone itself and the venue, and we offered visitors an experience of the effect of parachute system and air bag system.


As Nippon Kayaku will conduct demonstration of our developed products at exhibitions of many kinds of places and industries, we will continue to announce on this website whenever any demonstrations are fixed.


If you have any questions on parachute, airbags and other safety devices related to drone, please do not hesitate to contact us.