Report of exhibition at 「Commercial UAV Expo 2022」


Nippon Kayaku’s group company, Aero Systems West, Inc. (Hereinafter referred to as ASW) exhibited in “Commercial UAV Expo 2022” (Held from Sep 6 to 8).
Commercial UAV Expo | Expo & Conference on Commercial Drones (


It was held at “Caesars Forum”, the convention complex at Las Vegas.


At the booth, we exhibited “3 models of Drone (ILM Quadcopter、HLM Quadcopter、HLM Octocopter)” and “ATS “(Auto Trigger System) and played “ASW’s branding video” and “Experimenal video” on the monitor.

Also, we exhibited Nippon Kayaku’s “PARASAFE(CA12-01, CA06-01)” which is going to be on sale at USA next year and a set of “Drone + PARASAFE + ATS” .


“HML Octocopter”, a large–sized drone whose maximum take-off weight is 72kg and the set of “Drone+PARASAFE+ATS” were outstanding and drew many visitors’ attention. So many people came to our booth that all the brochures and novelty goods that we prepared have run out and it was a great successful exhibition.


As we will continue introducing our developed products at exhibitions in various areas and industry types, we would like to continue announcements on this website whenever any exhibitions are fixed.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



ASW: Aero Systems West | Leading U.S. based Industrial Drone Manufacturer. 

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