The Drone mounted with NIPPON KAYAKU’s parachute system “PARASAFE®” received Class-1 UAS Type Certificate for the 1st time in Japan.


Drone with Nippon Kayaku (HQ: Tokyo, President: Mr. Atsuhiro Wakumoto)’s parachute system “PARASAFE®” received Class-1 UAS Type Certificate 1stly in Japan.


The Act to Partially Amend the Aviation Act enacted on December 5, 2022, and the UAS type certification system (※) for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) started.
ACSL Ltd., which is the largest drone maker in Japan, started UAS type certification process on drones mounting our developing emergency parachute system “PARASAFE®” for commercial drone, and received Class-1 UAS Type Certificate on March 13,2022.


By enabling the Level 4 flight (Beyond visual line of sight in a manned zone) on this type of drone, scene of utilising drone is expected to increase. Furthermore, by mounting our developing parachute device, safe and secure operation of drone is realised in practically used area, which can be expected to promote drone furthermore.


※The UAS Type Certification System is the Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s certification system to inspect the strength, structure and performance of unmanned aircraft (a type intended to contribute to specified flights under the Aviation Act) to ensure that the design and manufacturing process conform to safety and uniformity standards.


Joint testing for receiving Class 1 UAS Type Certification mounted with the parachute device


Nippon Kayaku, along with ACSL Ltd., has conducted various types of tests to receive Class-1 UAS Type Certificate.
Through the tests, we successfully activated many parachute devices, and confirmed the effect of parachute device.


About the mounted emergency parachute system 「PARASAFE ®」for industrial drones


PARASAFE official website:


“PARASAFE®︎”, the emergency parachute system for commercial drone, is a device which makes a drone to descend safely by activating the pyrotechnic remotely and injecting parachute instantly after noticing that the drone is falling.
NIPPON KAYAKU globally develops, manufactures and markets Automotive Safety Parts such as inflators for Air Bags and Gas Generators for Seatbelt Pretensioners and develops “PARASAFE®︎”by applying the pyrotechnic technology cultivated in this field.

※Industrial design of PARASAFE®︎ in Japan is registered. Appling for patent.


Presently, “PS CA12-01”, which is compatible with the industrial drone whose maximum take-off weight is up to 25kg, is available now.
PS CA12-01 Product introduction page
PS CA12-01 Data request page



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