Nippon Kayaku conducts Demo-test using PARASAFE®, the emergency parachute system for commercial drone, at Yabu city, the National Strategic Special Zone

Nippon Kayaku(HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Mr. Atsuhiro Wakumoto), will  conduct a demo-test of PARASAFE®︎, the emergency parachute system for commercial drone, at Yabu city(Hyogo prefecture), the National Strategic Special Zone.


【Outline of Demo-test】

<Title of Demonstration test>

Efficiency verification test of parachute on drone emergency.



Monday, October 25, 2021, from 10:00 to 12:00: Outline session about this demo-test (Venue: Yabu city hall)

Tuesday,October 26, 2021, from 13:00 to 17:00: Demo test of drone flight andfall (Venue: Tsurugigaoka Park Ground)

・Outline session of October 25th will be held regardless of the weather.

・Demo-test of October 26th will be held on the same date of October 27th, if it rains.


<Place Information>

・Yabu city hall : 1675 Yoka, Yokacho, Yabu City, Hyogo Prefecture(

・Tsurugigaoka Park Ground:291-1, Koyama, Yokacho, Yabu City,Hyogo Prefecture(


【Aim and meaning of conducting this Demo-test】

We are aiming to confirm the efficacy of parachute system as an emergency safety device during flight in the city area where many drone uses are anticipated from now on. If the efficacy of the parachute system is proved by this Demo-test, we will be given ease to use of drone, spread of drone will be promoted and utilizing drone at new industrial area/types will also be promoted.This is also a Demo-test to expand the opportunity of drone use by verifying efficacy in protecting human life, loading object and Drone machine itself.


【Content of the Demo-test】

・Fly a drone with “PARASAFE®︎”, the emergency parachute system for commercial drone and acquire a flight log using a flight logger.

・Let the drone fall with “PARASAFE®︎”, the emergency parachute system for commercial drone and confirm the parachute’s relieving effect against fall impact.


【About“PARASAFE®︎”, the emergency parachute system for commercial drone】

“PARASAFE®︎”, the emergency parachute system for commercial drone is a device which makes a drone to fall safely by activating the pyrotechnic product remotely after noticing that the drone is falling. Nippon Kayaku globally develops, manufactures and markets Automotive Safety Parts such as inflators for air bags and Gas generators for Seatbelt Pretensioners and develops “PARASAFE®︎”applying the pyrotechnic technology cultivated in this field. We will start marketing “PARASAFE®︎”from December, 2021.

PARASAFE®︎ official site(。

・Maximum take-off weight:25kg

・External dimension:Φ130×H154mm

・Body weight:1kg

・Square area of parachute :12㎡

・Descending speed(Theoretical Value):5m/s (At the time of hanging 25kg)

・Minimum deployment altitude:30m or more higher




【About the drone used in this Demo-test】

・Manufacturer:Prodrone Co., Ltd.(

・Name:General Purpose Drone

・Distance between the motor axles:1000mm

・Size:700x700x410mm(PARASAFE®︎ not included)

・Size:700x700x560mm(PARASAFE®︎ included)

・Take-off weight:9.07kg(PARASAFE® included )

・Payload:2.5kg(PARASAFE® not included)

・Flyable time:15minutes(PARASAFE®︎)loaded.



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