Exhibition Report: “The international industrial fair 2023 Kobe”


Nippon Kayaku exhibited its products in “The international industrial fair 2023 Kobe”, which was held at Kobe international exhibition hall buildings 1 and 2 in Port Island, Kobe, Hyogo prefecture during September 7 and 8.


In our booth, we exhibited a parachute system “ARS150” which is compatible with total weight up to 150kg and float parachute system “ARS10F” which can be prepared for emergent events during flight over water.


Also on the monitor, we showed “Nippon Kayaku’s branding movie”, “Developmental test movie”.


During the exhibition, people from many companies locating mainly in west part of Japan, visited our booth and we made a great success.


As we will continue introducing our developed products at exhibitions in various areas and industry types, we would like to announce on this site whenever any exhibition is fixed.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.