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PARASAFE is designed for use with
large commercial drones weighing up to 25kgs*.
The parachute system’s weight is approx. 1kg.
*Maximum take-off weight
  Release in 2022  


Rapid Deployment

Our proprietary mechanism allows the parachute, with maximum take-off weight of 25kgs, to be deployed efficiently in the event of an emergency.

Compact and Light-weight

With its low weight of approx. 1 kg and compact design, the burden on the drone’s payload and flight time is minimal.

Low-velocity Descent

With a large 12 m2 parachute, PARASAFE has a descent velocity of 5 m/s and enables a soft landing.

How to Use

PS CA12-01 – Instructions for Use

Simple Installation

Simple Installation

PARASAFE is designed for easy installation, and can be mounted to the drone with screws. PARASAFE can be installed on various types of drones with simple positioning and centering adjustments.

Safe and Efficient Activation

Safe and Efficient Activation

Inadvertent activation of PARASAFE is prevented by a safety pin that cuts off the electrical circuit, leaving no risk for malfunction. Also, the time delay between the start of a plummet and activation of PARASAFE can be programmed. For customization, please contact us here.


Maximum take-off weight25kg
Outer dimensionsΦ130×H154mm
Product weight1kg
Parachute size12㎡
Descent velocity5m/s(with 25 kg load)
Minimum deployment altitude30 ms